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Cameras are not uncommon in modern medical technology. Where exactly are they used? What added value do they bring? And what functions do the cameras have to generate images according to individual requirements? These are all questions that we answer in our articles and videos. In our tutorials we give step-by-step instructions, for example on software use.

Articles About Medical & Life Sciences

Cameras in Medical & Life Sciences – the possible uses are numerous and range from ophthalmology to laboratory automation and research. But a picture is not just a picture, often it depends on the correct color reproduction which can be ensured by color calibration, for example. Read the details on possible areas of application and the importance of color reproduction in medical technology in our articles!

Medicine with Vision

Medicine with Vision

In which areas is camera technology required for applications in medicine, medical technology and life sciences? We will show you using the fictional Basler Medical Center.

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Lab Automation with Vision

Lab Automation with Vision

Individual workflows are automated in more and more laboratories from analytics, medicine and research. Here you can read about the central role that vision – i. e. camera technology – plays.

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Color Calibration in Medical Technology

Color Calibration

Color reproduction is extremely important in medical specialties such as ophthalmology or dermatology. Color calibration ensures correct color reproduction and helps in the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases.

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Videos on Camera Technology in Medical & Life Sciences

What are the advantages of cameras in Medical & Life Sciences? And what influence does camera technology – for example in the form of CCD and CMOS sensors – have on the generated image? Let our videos show you how Basler cameras support you in your Medical & Life Sciences application.

Advantages of Cameras in Medicine

Camera-based medical devices offer advantages for diagnosis, surgical interventions and monitoring the progress of certain diseases. The biggest advantage is the digitization of images, which means simple documentation.

Why CMOS Sensors?

CMOS sensor technology is increasingly replacing CCD sensors. In our video we show the advantages of CMOS sensors for various areas of application, including Medical & Life Sciences.

Tutorials – Fast Support Through Simple Explanations

We give you step-by-step instructions in our tutorials. This is the case, for example, in our Application Notes where you can find information that goes beyond the user manual of the camera. Read detailed instructions for optimizing your camera or installing and using software.

How to – First Steps With the µManager

How to – First Steps With the µManager

Do you use a Basler camera in your microscopy application? Would you like to work with the open source software µManager (Micro-Manager)? Read our Application Note for the smooth installation and use of the microscopy software.

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