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We Give IoT Applications the Power of Sight

Are you looking for an imaging solution in the field of IoT (Internet of Things)? We give IoT applications the power of sight!

In the Internet of Things, intelligent devices and machines are networked via the Internet. At various points in processes, such as within a smart factory, data can be collected and processes can be controlled and optimized using tools like artificial intelligence. Sensors and cameras can be important data collection elements, and this data can be processed in real time using increasingly sophisticated technology.

Our cameras can serve as smart IoT components and products in IoT solutions, adding value to your application. IoT applications enable solutions across many fields, such as consumer devices, medicine, agribusiness, smart home, retail, industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT (IIoT).

A technology leap for your application:
IoT gets smarter, more efficient and more flexible with computer vision

More and more sensors and cameras now provide a large amount of data to a wide variety of IoT and IIoT applications. Self-learning capability and modular long-term autonomy play a major role. To achieve this, the near future is about fast and efficient analysis of the collected data in real time: reducing latency is enabled by edge computing and 5G technology. Industrial AI and new machine learning (ML) algorithms bring another big step on the way to even more efficient production, enabling new business models and applications.

AI is no longer science fiction, but a real and essential part of the connected world and "Industry 4.0". Contemporary edge computing solutions enable data analysis right at the data collection point. At the same time, 5G technology is speeding up data transmission, reducing latency while accelerating real-time data exchange. With OPC UA, a unified communication protocol for communication between machines is entering the scene. Cloud solutions help to make applications or even ML models available - when storing data or even evaluating it.

These developments bring multifaceted results

In smart factories, AI-based "zero-defect production" is being driven forward, and predictive maintenance is further reducing downtime. IoT solutions in logistics processes increase efficiency and shorten delivery times. New home applications are further networking our private lives. Diagnostic possibilities in medical technology are increasing, and the agricultural industry can also aim for reduced resource use with higher automation at the same time.

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Current state of computer vision in IoT applications

  • Limited bandwidth; "classic" image processing
  • High resource and energy requirements
  • High latency
  • No communication standard
  • Security gaps

IoT and computer vision of the future

  • Reduction of data volume through high-performance edge computing
  • Energy efficiency through new technology
  • Fast image evaluation through Deep Learning / AI, low latency thanks to 5G
  • Communication standard: OPC UA for computer vision
  • Improved security through more economical data exchange

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Our prototyping products for IoT solutions

Find here our prototyping products that easily integrate computer vision into IoT applications:

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AI Vision Solution Kit with cloud connection

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Embedded Vision Processing Kit for flexible vision applications

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