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Development of Image Processing Solutions

Basler provides a simple way, using the vision processor, to program new functions independently with VisualApplets or to contract for those functions.

Development – Make or Buy?

With VisualApplets, you already have a powerful development tool at your disposal for completely unique image capture and processing design. Nevertheless, the need may also exist to expand or adapt standardized applications for client-specific requirements. Programmable image processing boards from Basler provide a simple way, using the vision processor, to program new functions oneself or to contract for those functions.

By using Basler’s development services, you can take advantage of our product-specific know-how:

  • Your development risk is decreased
  • Time to market is significantly reduced
  • With functional expansions or modifications of hardware programming, not only is it possible to individualize the hardware, but also to communicate unique selling points within the client’s competitive arena as well
  • Companies with high demands on functionality of their image processing and evaluation can make use of singular solutions that give them a unique selling point in their particular competitive environment

Evaluation of special client algorithmic requirements or of the implementation of previously developed software functions within the hardware can be subcontracted, and possible methods for implementation can be suggested. Client-specific know-how remains protected under a non-disclosure agreement executed prior to project launch.

OEM Developments – Make or Buy?

In the course of developing its own series of products and numerous OEM products, Basler has garnered a high level of know-how and proven expertise in the implementation of complete client-specific solutions. Full-service contract development services from Basler include all essential areas, creating a modern and powerful platform for imaging solutions for OEMs.

Typical OEM developments of this type include:

  • Development of drivers
  • Adaptation of SDKs
  • Creation of software tools and user interfaces
  • Implementation of hardware components with hardware programming of the operating functions
  • VisualApplets interface expansions

Products are implemented in full accordance with your procurement process requirements. Over the course of the project, Basler remains in close contact with the client, from conception to prototype to series model.

OEM services are available for all stages of development, from new product conception through to available series item licensing. Individual requirements for OEM products on the basis of series models can be implemented using extensions of additional hardware and modification of operational functions via hardware programming, providing you with a client-specific and economical solution.

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