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Quality at Basler

At Basler, we consider customer trust to be one of our greatest assets. We trace that trust back to several sources. It all starts with our people, their teamwork and passion, as well as with the high standards we pursue. It continues with our ability to combine superior performance with superior value, our long experience in camera manufacturing, the quality and breadth of technical support we provide, and most importantly, the manufacturing practices and quality assurance processes we employ faithfully in our two production facilities.

No other industrial camera manufacturer employs so extensive a series of quality assurance measures to ensure reliably high product performance and in turn, high satisfaction among its customers. Basler’s reputation for quality speaks for itself.

Quality at Basler

We take quality measures in many steps in the production process. We seek for a lean production, to reduce effort, errors and costs to produce high quality cameras for you – for an excellent price/performance ratio. Learn more about the measure we take:

  • Quality Management

    Quality Management

    Basler is a longtime proponent of the Kaizen method of continuous improvement. We engage all of our employees’ creativity in an effort to reduce waste – both in terms of materials and manpower – in order to achieve the leanest possible manufacturing and eliminate errors directly at their roots. The savings gained through lean manufacturing directly benefit customers, as witnessed by the superior price to performance ratio of cameras like the groundbreaking Basler ace. Similarly, we have borrowed and adapted elements of Toyota’s Production System to bring greater efficiency to our business. Our production team assembles weekly to evaluate progress against existing key performance indicators and select new areas of focus for improvement. As an example of the results created by this approach over the past 5 years, our average monthly output of finished cameras has quadrupled. In the past two years, individual employee productivity has doubled, as well.

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  • Quality in Camera Production

    Quality in Camera Production

    Board Production

    Board production consists of three steps: solder paste printing, pick-and-place and curing in the reflow oven. During board production, Basler employs Statistical Process Control measures to ensure manufacturing machinery is operating at optimum levels, then performs an automatic optical inspection of each board. After the boards have been populated, a board self-test determines that the board is functioning properly at the end of the process. Any boards that are not properly functioning are sent to the “Board Doctor” for repair or removal from the production.

    Camera Assembly

    Camera assembly consists of several steps. Each step is undertaken under very clean grey-room conditions. First, a fully automated test, the ATS, checks for sensor alignment. For selected camera models, a special temperature range test is then carried out. Another automated test performed with our Camera Test Tool loads the firmware, calibrates the camera and checks all critical parameters. The automated tests are customized for each Basler camera platform.

    EMVA Standard Camera Characterization

    EMVA Standard Camera Characterization is the final measure we take to ensure the consistent utility of our cameras once they leave our facility. By testing our cameras against European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) is an association of companies and corporations involved in machine vision and standardization in that field.">EMVA standard 1288 (which covers such performance characteristics as spectral sensitivity, color and signal-to-noise ratio) and including comparative performance data on our data sheets, Basler simplifies the camera selection process for you and ensures you’ll get the performance you need from your system.

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  • Our 100% Tested Standard

    Our 100% Tested Standard

    Every camera and every Basler Lens we manufacture undergoes comprehensive mechanical, electrical and optical testing as well as precise calibration before it leaves our facility. The results of every camera test are stored in a database. This is how we ensure traceable test results and consistent quality of every single camera that we produce. That’s how we can ensure that it will perform as promised in your system. And why we had the confidence to offer the vision industry’s first 3-year camera warranty.

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Brochure - Quality at Basler

Brochure - Quality at Basler

Find here our brochure on quality in camera production.


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Robustness of Basler Cameras

Robustness of Basler Cameras

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