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We recognize the potential our products have to improve the human experience. Knowing that real people rely on our cameras--whether it’s to diagnose illness, help them drive safely, manufacture everyday products or simply to entertain them—gives our work meaning beyond the technical. So we care deeply about their design, their quality and the performance they deliver for our customers. We’re passionate about making cameras that are highly useable, reliable and affordable.


We acknowledge and appreciate the contributions individual employees make to our success. But the real magic in what we do comes from the creative collaboration of many diverse team mates -- in the “what if” conversations that flow freely among the people who design our products, perfect our processes and sustain our profitability.


No other industrial camera manufacturer can match Basler’s track record of innovation. Over the years, our open-mindedness, our organizational agility and our cultural comfort with change have kept us a dynamic force in the industry. Today, our product portfolio is the broadest in the industry. Roughly 30 percent of our employees work in research and development. With about 30 years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on being the leader in our industry.


With hindsight comes insight--and foresight. Our longevity and our breadth of experience affords Basler a unique ability to anticipate market trends, evaluate emerging technology and develop products that drive results for our customers. We are happy to use these strengths and experience to lead the process of creating industry wide technical standards that bring efficiency to manufacturing and simplify systems integration.


At Basler, we build one crucial component into every camera—and that’s trust. Every camera we ship is individually tested in our facilities, so it will perform as promised in yours. But the long-standing customer relationships we enjoy are predicated not only on the strength of our technology. They’re due to the solidity of our word. We meet our delivery dates. We stand behind our products with the industry’s leading three-year warranty. And we leverage our leadership role to pass supply chain efficiencies on to our customers.


Power. Pride. Pragmatism. Precision. Basler products reflect all the qualities the phrase “German engineering” calls to mind. We are the world's highest volume digital industrial camera producer. We continually re-evaluate and re-invest in our manufacturing facilities. We are accountable and control every aspect of products ourselves, from software and electronics to mechanics and optics. We optimize our products to meet customer requirements perfectly, dispensing with superfluous bells and whistles and focusing on image quality, reliability repeatability and ease of use. And we optimize our processes to deliver the very best price/performance ratio with every model.

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Brochure - Quality at Basler

Brochure - Quality at Basler

Find here our brochure on quality in camera production.

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