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  • Designed for a demanding environment

    Robust and waterproof design for highest protection provided by our IP67 housing for the ace U product line.

  • C-Mount – No Mount – your custom Mount?

    Choose between a variety of custom mounts for an optimized integration.

  • Flexible interface solution

    Customized interface plug arrangement to achieve best connectivity in your application.

  • Bare board camera

    Our bare board camera offers an ideal fit when space in the application is limited or the camera installation shall be as flexible as possible.

Customized Basler Cameras

Basler offers a large selection of high-quality cameras for Machine Vision, Medical & Life Sciences, Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) and a variety of other market applications. We know that each application and customer is unique and comes along with its own needs. Given that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all solution’, the Basler Customization Projects Team is here to support you by creating the camera or solution that meets your requirements and your expectations for functionality, quality and price.

As a consulting partner, we at Basler listen to you proactively, clarifying your unique set of interests and demands. Our experts have access to a rich library of best practices and solutions developed over many years; with our experience, we can provide fast feasibility checks and advise how to proceed.

Are You Looking for a Customized Camera?

We are happy to assist you with our experience and support you in developing a vision solution for your application - from the specification to the product ready for series production.

Contact Basler Customization Projects Team

Why Choose a Basler Customization?

Save time

Searching the camera market for the one camera that will be a perfect fit for your application is time consuming and requires a lot of testing. That is why we at Basler provide individualized guidance with finding the camera that meets your requirements.

After a final cycle of clarification and a feasibility check, we develop an individual solution tailored to your needs based on proven, high quality Basler cameras. Having us as a partner saves you a lot of time.

Increase productivity

After the prototype has been successfully tested at your labs you will receive a camera that perfectly matches your application and we will start production of the cameras. You can increase your productivity as you focus on your core business and customers.

Reduce production costs

In addition, we can perform pre-assemblies, for example fixed camera and lens combinations. If you need accessories to adapt a camera to your existing system, such as custom cables or lenses, we can also take care of this, ensuring that all components are fully compatible. By shifting these activities to our engineering and production, you benefit from our high quality standards and reduce your production costs.

References for Basler’s Customization Applications


Are you looking for a custom housing to help you represent your brand through a special color/own logo?

Or does your application require a special housing? Even an integration of our camera into your product is a service we can offer.

Due to many years of experience and projects in this area, we can provide the best solution.


  • C-Mount change to CS-Mount
  • OEM solutions
  • Interface connector orientation
  • Different color or brand of housing
  • Extended temperature limits
  • Integration of different filter
  • IP67 housing
  • Polarization Camera (IMX250MZR, IMX250MYR, IMX264MZR, IMX264MYR)


With our programming customizations, you can integrate features to the camera FPGA to conserve CPU resources for the main tasks of your application.
Check out our examples.


  • Variety of binning modes
  • Reduction or extension of exposure time
  • HDR mode
  • pylon adjustments
  • Custom firmware to control Liquid Lenses
  • Custom Software for Framegrabber

Frozen status

We offer a special service called “Frozen”, where we keep you informed about specific changes to your camera during its lifecycle. Furthermore, we offer to provide test samples of firmware/hardware to customers who decide to use this service.

Several customers already appreciate this service as it allows them to track changes to their cameras, which supports them with challenges including internal and external audits. It is also an excellent resource for compliance with internal and external standards for quality assurance, documentation, etc.


  • Firmware Frozen
    No change at your camera firmware
  • Certified Frozen
    We keep you informed about changes and you will have the opportunity to test and approve these in advance
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