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  • pylon for Basler blaze

    With pylon and the Supplementary Package for blaze you get all the necessary tools for easy integration and set-up of the blaze 3D camera.

    Download here

Software for the Basler blaze 3D Camera

The combination of our established pylon Camera Software Suite and the Supplementary Package for the blaze allows you to get your Basler 3D camera up and running easily. With the included blaze Viewer, 3D image data can be optimally visualized. In addition, an extensive collection of code examples provides an easy introduction to the popular pylon API and the camera function.

Scope of the pylon Supplementary Package for blaze

  • Basler blaze Viewer
  • Basler GenTL Producer
  • Sample programs
  • Compatibility with GenICam-, GenTL- and GenAPI standards enable plug-and-play integration into relevant libraries such as HALCON, Isaac, MIL, OpenCV, Point Cloud Library (PCL), ROS
  • Available for Windows and Linux (x86_64)

Download pylon Supplementary Package for blaze

Scope of the pylon Supplementary Package for blaze
blaze Viewer

blaze Viewer

The pylon Supplementary Package for blaze includes the user-friendly GUI blaze Viewer. With this powerful image viewer you can easily access all camera parameters based on the GenICam standard. The viewer visualizes the camera features and, the available streaming formats, and allows you to quickly save images.

  • Access to all camera features through GenApi feature tree
  • Describes each parameter in detail
  • Visualization of intensity image, point cloud image, range map and confidence map
  • Allows copy and paste of code snippets directly into your source code
  • Easy saving of image formats and settings

Code Samples

The comprehensive collection of code samples included in the Supplementary Package makes it easy to become familiar with the camera functions and API. Numerous use cases illustrate how to integrate the blaze camera into your application.

Code samples available in C++, C#, Python

Download pylon Supplementary Package for blaze

Do you have questions about Basler 3D cameras?

Contact our Basler Sales Team now! They will be happy to answer all the questions you might have.

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blaze firmware

Here you can find the latest versions of the blaze firmware. For details on the dependencies between firmware and host software, please refer to the release notes.

Download blaze firmware

Continued availability: blaze SDK for existing projects

For applications and projects you have already up and running, you are welcome to use the blaze Software Development Kit as usual, without any restrictions.

Download blaze SDK

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