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Vending Machines and Kiosk Systems

Digital Signage Systems and Ticket Machines

Vending Machines

Self-service vending machines issue goods selected by the buyer for a fee. A row of such vending machines exist with which the most varied goods can be issued, for example, drinks and groceries or even technical equipment or drugstore items. For more expensive products, cameras can monitor the payment process or give recommendations to the customers after recognizing the person. Even public transportation tickets or parking garage fees are also sold from self-service vending machines. If there are queries, in many devices you can be immediately connected per video call with an adviser. Regardless of store opening times, customers can access different items from such vending machines which contributes to customer satisfaction.

Kiosk systems are interactive computer systems that are set up, for example, on the street, in airports or in store zones. They have a fixed location and provide the user with information. At the kiosks, transportation schedules or information about a business can be called up. Digital signage systems are digital posters. They use cameras for people counting and to customize content.

Are you in search of an appropriate camera for your application? Basler offers:

  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Long-term availability
  • Cameras and lenses from one source
  • Highest stability and flexibility thanks to Machine Vision standards
  • Worldwide service and support
  • 3-year warranty

Typical areas of use for cameras are:

  • Monitoring of the user/viewer (portrait camera)
  • Monitoring the issuing of goods
  • Supporting the communication with the user (video conference camera)

Camera series suitable for use in vending machines/kiosk systems

Basler dart

Basler dart: Huge performance – tiny price

  • Compact housing that is easy to integrate into systems
  • For Windows, Linux, and ARM-based platforms
  • Long-term availability (more than 3 years) and 3-year warranty

Get to know the Basler dart camera series!

Basler pulse

Basler pulse: Small, light, elegant

  • Elegant metal housing
  • For Windows, Linux, and ARM-based platforms
  • Long-term availability (more than 3 years) and 3-year warranty
  • One-cable solution with USB3 Vision technology and low power consumption (just 1.3 watts)

Get to know the Basler pulse camera series!

We'll work together with you to find a suitable Basler camera for your application involving vending machines and kiosk systems. Have more questions? We would be glad to help you.

We’d Be Glad to Help You

We’d Be Glad to Help You

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Brochure - Retail

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