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Many tolling systems work with transponder technology. Both RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) have grown into standard technologies for electronic tolling, and are used worldwide to great popularity. Regardless of their specific tasks, all of these systems have one thing in common: they all require camera for security reasons and to identify toll evaders.

The Basler ace played no small role in making industrial cameras solutions for vertical economically attractive outside the industrial sector. For this reason, modern tolling systems are generally built around ANPR ( Automatic Number Plate Recognition). Camera-based ANPR is capable of replacing manual review of video material. In several projects, ANPR has even completely replaced transponder technology for vehicle identification.

Typical areas of application include:

  • Free Flow Tolling
  • City Tolling
  • Access controls

Camera series suitable for use in tolling applications

Basler ace 2

Basler ace 2: Tailored to different vision needs

  • The next ace generation: State-of-the-art CMOS sensors, optimized hardware design and improved image quality
  • Two product lines, tailored to different vision needs - ace 2 Basic and ace 2 Pro
  • ace 2 Basic: proven Basler reliability with extensive computer vision feature set for standard machine vision applications
  • ace 2 Pro: including unique features such as Pixel Beyond, Compression Beyond and PGI for maximum performance

Get to know the Basler ace 2 camera series!

Basler ace camera

Basler ace: Compact and flexible

  • High-sensitivity sensors with various resolutions
  • Monochrome, color or NIR variants with global shutter
  • Multiple AOIs (Areas of Interest)
  • Different image settings through Sequencer Acquisition Mode

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Basler blaze

Basler blaze: High precision for cost-efficient 3D imaging in real time

  • Outstanding 3D imaging with the latest Sony DepthSense™ IMX556PLR sensor technology
  • Precise, almost millimeter-accurate optical measurement with the time-of-flight method
  • Large measuring range, covering approximately two Euro pallets or a small car
  • Real-time streaming of pre-processed 3D point clouds and 2D intensity images
  • Daylight capability and IP67 protection for stable results under difficult conditions 
  • Light and contrast independent
  • Easy system integration thanks to compact design and Gigabit Ethernet 
  • User-friendly and platform-independent programming interface with sample programs
  • Reliable operation in multi-camera systems without mutual interference

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Basler boost: CXP-12 for high frame rates & resolutions

Basler boost: CXP-12 for high frame rates & resolutions

  • Generous cable lengths: Up to 40 m with a max. bandwidth of 12.5 Gbps with data transmission and power supply via just one coaxial cable
  • Accurate synchronization: Precise camera synchronization even in multi-camera systems with very low latency periods
  • Latest CMOS sensor technology: Utilization of the full sensor potential in both resolution and speed
  • Standardized cable connection: Micro-BNC (HD-BNC)

Get to know the Basler boost camera series!

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