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Dual Study Program: Industrial Engineering

Always wanted the best of both worlds? You'll get it here. Your dual study program in industrial engineering at the Nordakademie in Elmshorn combines your fascination for technology with your passion for commercial topics. With this degree program, you'll be in the right place wherever economics and technology meet - in other words, in any successful company in the digital world.

At Basler, you can rely on exciting tasks that optimally complement your theoretical learning content. At the same time, we support you with the costs for your dormitory, books, travel and everything you need to succeed in your studies. Your bonus: Since we train according to our own needs, we aim to employ our students after graduation. You want to add a master's degree to your studies? Basler supports you: Whether in part-time or as a working student - you remain part of the Basler family during your further education.

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The time in the company is what makes the dual study program unique. At Basler, we train according to demand. In addition to your main department, there are of course also assignments in a wide variety of departments. The aim is to get to know the working methods of the interfacing departments. In this way, you will learn to look at problems from a variety of angles and to develop suitable solutions. You will be able to present your results confidently and competently to your team or externally, e.g. to customers and suppliers.

Over the entire period you will get to know different cultures, as well as communicate and act internationally. During your training you will pass through the following departments, among others:

  • Product Management
  • New Business Development
  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Project Coordination
  • Production

We also take your individual wishes into account when selecting your department.

Studies at the Nordakademie in Elmshorn

Studying at the Nordakademie differs from other universities in that the classes are small and the professors with practical experience have enough time to answer your questions. Networking among fellow students is also easier. This study program offers you an intensive learning experience through small working groups, very modern equipment, e-learning platform and 24-hour access to the learning buildings. Your studies are divided into 7 semesters. Each semester includes a practice phase of 13 weeks and a theory phase of 10 weeks, during which you also take your exams.

In industrial engineering, you can expect the following subjects, among others:

  • Business administration
  • Mathematics and physics
  • Marketing
  • Mechanics
  • Process management

This is what our former work/study program students say

Jana Richter – Industrial Engineering

Why Industrial Engineering?

During my time at school, I enjoyed many different subjects, including physics and math. But it was hard for me to imagine studying something solely technical.

Therefore, industrial engineering was the perfect choice for me, because the program is very broad and you get to know many fields during your studies and can flexibly choose a field depending on your interests and set your focus there.

And why was it important for you to take a combined work-study approach?

For me, it was important to have a practical part after 13 years of theoretical instruction only. I need to have a real link to the theoretical basics. This is something I lacked in straightforward university courses.

After three years of study and my first years of professional experience, I have to say that the decision was the right one. During the practical phases, I personally was able to learn a lot and take a lot with me, not only in terms of the technical basics, but also in terms of corporate culture and cooperation in a company. No standard degree program can offer you these two experiences.

Your benefits as a Basler employee

Employee development

Employee development

If you’d like to keep growing professionally, all doors are open to you. In regular employee interviews, we can also identify issues and support solutions that work for everyone.

Health management

Health management

Whether it’s about perks at the gym, free fresh fruit each day or special seminars on the topic of health – your well-being is important to us!

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

We all have important appointments sometimes that need to take place during working hours. No problem! We offer flextime, without predefined core work hours.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance

Keeping work and leisure time in harmony also ensures well-balanced employees. We offer the right opportunities for you, too.

Any questions about your career and application at Basler?

Any questions about your career and application at Basler?

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