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Work/Study Program: Bachelor Digital Business (B.A.)

Digitalization, modern technologies and innovations have always caught your interest? You want to design the digital business models of the future together with us and at the same time gain a deep insight into various topics of digital marketing, such as website, SEO, web analytics, usability or data science? Then the dual-study Digital Business program may be just the right thing for you.

As an expert for digital projects, you will secure Basler as a front-rank provider in the digital B2B business world, and actively shape the digital revolution. Basler will support you in all areas of your studies - including books, travel, etc. At Basler we only train according to our own needs, which is why we often offer employment to our students after graduation.

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Practicum experience in the company

The time in the company is what makes the dual study program unique. At Basler, we train according to demand. In addition to your main department, there are of course also assignments in a wide variety of departments. The aim is to learn the workflow and methods of interfacing departments. At Basler, you will work on (Agile) projects to digitize the customer journey. Our goal is for you to look at these projects and problems from different angles and to advance the world of digitalization together with us.

During your training you will be able to get to know the following areas, among others:

  • Software Development
  • Hardware Development
  • Embedded Development
  • New Technology
  • Production

We also take your individual interests into account when selecting your future department.

Studies at the Internationale Hochschule

Practical content instead of dry theory, tutors from the industry, small learning groups and purely virtual study - that's what studying at IU is all about. Benefit from the advantages and the unique atmosphere.

The program combines well-founded business knowledge with the areas of digital business models and data science. You will also deal with topics such as product development 4.0, Internet of Things and industrial software technology. From the fifth semester onwards, you have the opportunity to get to know two specializations: Data Science and Digital Marketing. After graduation, you will be well prepared and able to recognize and exploit growth opportunities through digital technologies, and identify potential risks. In addition, you can expect a practical project every semester, in which you have the opportunity to prove and consolidate what you have learned.

You study in a time model called "split week". This means that you spend half of the week studying and the other half working for us - your practice partner. Your studies are divided into a total of 7 semesters.

In Digital Business you can expect the following subjects, among others:

  • Digital future commerce
  • Data modeling and database systems
  • Business administration
  • Economics and markets
  • Statistics
  • Marketing

Learn more about the IU modules here

This is what our colleagues from our Digital Media team say

Carolin Reinhold – Digital Business

Why Digital Business?

The question is easy to answer - because that's where the future lies. People have learned to turn to the Internet when seeking information and making purchases; this habit may have started in their personal lives, but now it’s an expectation for the way they work and do business as well. With this in mind, digital business never gets boring, because the advancement of digitalization always brings new angles and challenges.

Many companies offer a degree in Digital Business. Why should you choose Basler?

Because at Basler, there’s a balance of independence, support and a culture of dealing with mistakes. You get the opportunity to improve your skills, but also to develop undiscovered ones, and if you do make a mistake, a solution is always found. And you are never alone with a problem.

Your benefits as a Basler employee

Employee development

Employee development

If you’d like to keep growing professionally, all doors are open to you. In regular employee interviews, we can also identify issues and support solutions that work for everyone.

Health management

Health management

Whether it’s about perks at the gym, free fresh fruit each day or special seminars on the topic of health – your well-being is important to us!

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

We all have important appointments sometimes that need to take place during working hours. No problem! We offer flextime, without predefined core work hours.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance

Keeping work and leisure time in harmony also ensures well-balanced employees. We offer the right opportunities for you, too.

Any questions about your career and application at Basler?

Any questions about your career and application at Basler?

Then please send us a message. We’ll respond to your request as soon as we can.

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