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  • FPGA Programming Made Easy

    VisualApplets makes it possible to program FPGAs on a graphic user interface entirely without hardware programming. The software has received multiple awards for this feature.

VisualApplets – Visual FPGA Programming of Image Processing Applications

VisualApplets, developed by our Mannheim branch (formerly Silicon Software), is the integrated development environment for real-time applications on FPGA processors in image processing. It enables the programming of FPGAs via dataflow models on a graphic user interface. The solution is used in a variety of industries for industrial and non-industrial applications. VisualApplets enables access to the FPGA processors in the image processing hardware, such as frame grabbers , industrial cameras and image processing devices, to implement individual image processing applications.

The programmable frame grabbers in the V-line are prelicensed for use with VisualApplets.

VisualApplets – graphic FPGA programming

A Quick Route to Image Processing Applications with VisualApplets

In 2006, the year it was launched, VisualApplets received the International Vision Award. And for a good reason:

  • Easily create complex applications for FPGAs through graphic dataflow models without hardware programming
  • Utilize the image processing library with over 200 operators
  • Create own libraries for frequently used image processing steps or import them from existing hardware code
  • Port applet designs onto additional frame grabbers, VisualApplets-compatible industrial cameras, vision sensors and image processing devices
  • Graphically program and process data signals and connections to external interfaces (peripherals) to individualize trigger functions

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The Setup of VisualApplets

For image and signal processing, VisualApplets makes it possible to intuitively create and process complex applications, use preconfigured sample applets or integrate proprietary HDL libraries. Version 3 consists of a basic version and four extensions for special requirements.

Image processing software VisualApplets with extensions

Get More From FPGAs and Use Them with Resource Efficiency

Version 3 was enhanced with new extensions and features and additionally includes the following for increased functionality:

  • Operator libraries as extension Libraries, for functions such as segmentation, classification and compression
  • New operators that represent loops in the dataflow model, which enables resource-friendly calculations of image sequences and comparisons as well as image batch processing on the FPGA
  • An enhanced FFT operator (Fast Fourier Transformation) to implement more complex filters with a high computing load--such as band-pass filters--with resource efficiency.

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VisualApplets Extensions Offer You Special Features

Would you like to continue using your own HDL code, configure additional image processing devices with VisualApplets or use additional VisualApplets libraries? The extensions have solutions for you.

VisualApplets Embedder

Set Up VisualApplets-compatible Image Processing Devices with VisualApplets Embedder

With VisualApplets Embedder, your image processing hardware becomes compatible with VisualApplets. Users get a device with maximum flexibility with which they can directly implement image pre-processing and applications.

  • Configure hardware from third-party devices such as cameras and vision sensors with VisualApplets
  • Improve throughput and reduce system costs with preprocessing tasks in real time, such as image optimizations, data reduction and process control
  • Give end users easy access to image processing devices
  • Manufacturers and end users remain flexible in case of changes to requirement

More about VisualApplets Embedder

Additional Benefit for Advanced System Builders

With VisualApplets Expert, you can import existing HDL code from VHDL and Verilog and process it as a generic operator. The design process can be automated through a console with an integrated TCL interpreter.

The libraries in VisualApplets Expert can be acquired as individual licenses.

  • Import VHDL code and libraries
  • Create individual operators
  • Configure protected operators
  • Debug applet designs in a real runtime environment as well as operators still in development
  • Directly enter or create TCL scripts to set up, manipulate and simulate designs

More about VisualApplets Expert

VisualApplets Libraries

Special Operator Libraries Offer More

VisualApplets libraries comprise multiple operator libraries which expand the operators’ scope with valuable image processing functions, such as those for segmentation, classification and compression.

The libraries can be acquired as individual licenses, independently of the acquired frame grabber hardware.

  • Segmentation and classification – Determine the position, surface area, shape and scope of objects and the surrounding geometry (bounding box) with Blob analysis
  • Compression of JPEG 8-bit grayscale images and 24-bit RGB color images, continuous data streaming for long image sequences, scalable data or compression rate

More about VisualApplets Libraries

Protect VisualApplets Designs

To prevent the use of proprietary applets on external frame grabbers, and thus protect intellectual property from outside access, the applets and frame grabbers can each be securely encoded with a lock. This is how VisualApplets Protection secures your design and IP know-how and connects it to the FPGA hardware with encryption.

Two protective mechanisms must match:

  • Unique security identifier code for the applets
  • Security license of the frame grabber.

More about VisualApplets Protection

VisualApplets Licenses and License Containers

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License description Model Name License description Description Availability i
VisualApplets 3 Debugging VisualApplets Expert Extension Debug Applet designs in the real runtime environment as well as own operators to be developed
VisualApplets 3 Design Safety ProtectionID VisualApplets Protection Extension Unique Security Identifier Code of Applets
VisualApplets 3 Design Safety RT License VisualApplets Protection Extension Equipping frame grabbers with a security license suitable for an applet
VisualApplets 3 Embedder VisualApplets Embedder Extension FPGA-based image processing hardware becomes compatible with VisualApplets
VisualApplets 3 Expert VisualApplets Expert Extension Additional benefits for advanced users such as HDL code import and Tcl console
VisualApplets 3 IDE Software License VisualApplets Version 3 Complete package of VisualApplets; requirement for the use of further licenses
VisualApplets 3 IDE Software Multi User License VisualApplets Version 3 Complete package of VisualApplets; requirement for the use of further licenses
VisualApplets 3 Libraries JPEG Compression Library VisualApplets Libraries Extension JPEG compression of gray and color images with scalable data rate
VisualApplets 3 Parameters Translation VisualApplets Expert Extension Calculate new values from different parameter values and pass them on to other parameters throughout the design
VisualApplets Libraries Segmentation and Classification Library (Blob) VisualApplets Libraries Extension Determine position, area, shape, perimeter of objects and the surrounding geometry using blob analysis

Sorry, there are no results for the selected filters.

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IMPORTANT-READ CAREFULLY: Below you will find the contractual agreements governing the use of this Software. These conditions apply to you, the user (hereinafter: “Licensee”), and to Basler AG (hereinafter: “Basler”). With any of the following actions, Licensee explicitly agrees to be bound by the conditions of this License Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”): downloading the Software, purchasing the Software, opening the package, breaking one of the seals or using the Software.

In case Licensee does not agree with any of the conditions of this Agreement, Licensee shall return or in case of a download delete all parts of the Software including manuals, the license certificate and/or the Software protection key/or dongle before using and without delay. Licensee shall remove all Software installations of the Software from any computer it might have been installed on. Return all electronic media of the Software or completely destroy all electronic media of the Software and send proof that this has been accomplished.

1. Scope

(1) This Agreement explicitly covers only the Software file or other media Licensee received with the download or purchase and the Software stored on these media, the manuals, the license certificate and/or the Software protection key/or dongle, together referred to as “Software”.

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2. User rights

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(2) Licensee has the right to produce a copy of the Software only for backup purposes.

(3) The Software is provided with a license certificate or a dongle. It is the responsibility of Licensee to take care of the license certificate and/or of the dongle. In case of loss, neither the license certificate nor the dongle will be replaced by Basler.

3. Transfer

Licensee may permanently transfer all of its rights under this Agreement only if the recipient agrees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and if Licensee destroys and will not keep any copies of the Software in your possession.

4. Copyright

(1) The developer of the Software remains the owner of the copyright to the Software and its documentation. With the purchase, Licensee obtains ownership of the physical storage devices (if provided) (excluding the Software and other data contained thereon) and the license certificate and/or the Software protection key/or dongle. Furthermore, a right to use the Software as defined in Sec. 2 will be granted.

(2) Basler reserves the right to all publications, duplication, editing, and marketing of the Software and the Software documentation.

Without prior written permission Licensee may not:

• change, translate, de-compile or de-assemble the Software,

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• rent, lease, or license the Software to a third party,

• use the Software protection key different than described in this Agreement.

5. Warranty

(1) Basler warrants for a period of 12 months from the date of the delivery, except as agreed otherwise in a separate agreement, that the Software delivered under this Agreement works in all major aspects according to the descriptions in the specifications. Basler shall not be liable for the Software being suitable for a particular purpose unless otherwise agreed upon.

(2) This warranty does not cover defects in the Software which are due to improper installation or changes to the program which Licensee has undertaken.

(3) Basler does not warrant, that the Software fulfills the specific requirements of Licensee, or that the Software works with other Software provided by Licensee.

(4) Where any claim in respect to the Software, which is based on any defect in the quality or condition of the Software to meet the specification, is notified to Basler in accordance with these conditions, Basler shall be entitled at its own discretion to either replace the Software free of charge or repair the Software. Should Basler fail to repair the Software within a reasonable time frame more than twice, Licensee is entitled to resign from this Agreement.

(5) The warranty is provided by Basler under the condition that the total price for the Software has been paid by the due date.

(6) Licensee is obligated to establish sufficient precautions for the case of Software malfunctions (for example by regular data storage, frequent backups, verification of results, emergency planning). It is your responsibility to provide a suitable system environment.

6. Liability

(1) Basler shall be liable under the terms of this Agreement only in accordance with the provisions set out under (a) to (e):

(a) Basler shall be unrestricted liable for losses caused intentionally or with gross negligence by Basler or its legal representatives or assistants in performance.

(b) Basler shall be unrestricted liable for death, personal injury or damage to health caused by the intent or negligence of Basler, its legal representatives or assistants in performance.

(c) Where the law requires Basler in accordance with these provisions to compensate for a damage which has been caused by slight negligence, Basler’s liability shall be limited to the breach of primary obligations by Basler, its legal representatives or assistants in performance. Primary obligations are such basic duties which form the essence of the Agreement, which were decisive for the conclusion of the Agreement and on the performance of which Licensee may rely. If Basler breaches its primary obligations through slight negligence, then its ensuing liability shall be limited to the amount which was foreseeable at the time the respective service was performed.

(d) Basler shall be liable for loss of data only up to the amount of typical recovery costs which would have arisen had proper and regular data backup measures been taken.

(e) Any further extensive liability of Basler is excluded on the merits.

7. Contract duration, legal consequences of violating the license

(1) The Agreement is deemed to be in force for an unspecified period. The Licensee’s rights are automatically terminated if one of the conditions of the Agreement have been violated.

(2) In case of a contract violation Licensee has to return the original storage devices and all copies thereof including all modified copies, all printed and written documentation, as well as the license certificate and/or the Software protection key/or dongle to Basler, or Licensee has to destroy these items.

(3) In addition Basler reserves the right to file a lawsuit to claim reparations for damages, non-compliance, or removal of the Software in case of license violations. The following laws and/or conditions are in effect: the conditions of this Agreement, copyright laws, and the laws of the German civil code (BGB).

8. Applicable Law, Place of Performance and Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by German law. The Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) shall not apply. Place of Performance and Jurisdiction shall be Hamburg, Germany.

9. Severability

In the event a provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid or should this Agreement be incomplete, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. The invalid or incomplete provision shall be substituted or supplemented, respectively, by an appropriate one reflecting - to the extent legally permissible - as closely as possible what the parties hereto had originally intended or would have intended according to the sense and purpose of this Agreement, if the specific issue had been taken into consideration by them.

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The User Documentation describes the structure and functions of the graphical FPGA development environment in detail. Example applications are presented and explained in detail. The more than 200 operators are described individually.

VisualApplets - User Manual

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Product Insights

Basler Product Insights highlight noteworthy information about the technical properties and features of various accessories. The Product Insights focus strongly on product-related topics, offering insights from the point of view of a Basler product manager.

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Product Change Notification

We constantly enhance our products and make improvements. In our product change notifications you will find more information on the changes of the product.

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Get More out of Your Image Processing System

Our service offer ranges from a comprehensive consulting to complete support with development tasks for customer-specific products (customizing)

  • VisualApplets workshops – training for entry-level and advanced users
  • Coaching – consulting and development for concrete tasks
  • Consulting – project consulting from beginning to end and beyond
  • Feasibility study – evaluation of a project with a detailed outcome report
  • Development (customizing) – customer-specific adaptations for hardware and software solutions
  • Design check – check of customers’ VisualApplets designs

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VisualApplets User Forum – Information Source, Discussion Platform and Knowledge Database All in One

The VisualApplets User Forum is a simple and convenient way for you to get and share information about VisualApplets and receive support. Experts from Silicon Software moderate and support the forum and develop the knowledge database on a continuous basis.

  • Get support and ideas from other users and from Silicon Software
  • Enter your own information, questions and answers
  • Utilize the knowledge database for VisualApplets along with extensions, examples, operators and design snippets and share knowledge
  • Offer, discuss and find solutions
  • Develop business opportunities with other system builders
  • Be the first to get information about new VisualApplets versions, extensions and preconfigured sample designs
  • Get information about new posts via RSS, browser message or email

VisualApplets User Forum

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